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Oct 21st, 2016
Jessops Construction Scoops Prestigious Brochure Award

Jessops Construction has been presented with a Design & Design award for the graphic design of the new Jessop's Construction promotional brochure cover.

The brochure due to be sent out to prospective clients in the New Year was designed and produced by Newark based Photographer and creative designer, Andy Oliver. He said of the design, "Tasked with producing a brochure that broke the boundaries and represented a multi-million pound Newark based business was no mean feat." He continued, "2 years ago I re-branded the company, taking Jessops Construction Ltd visually into the 21st century, with this in mind I wanted to create a synergy between logo/brand and brochure, to me there was only one way forward, I produced something that lent elements from their new logo and that was a graphical, geometrical, artful play on the JCL initials, the tone was also purposely hard edged, strong and solid as well as a visual representation of interior & exterior 'space' subtly reinforcing the idea of creating structural environments. The colours are classically deep to suggesting quality & heritage mixed with brighter and bolder contemporary tones, the metallic gold die cut slipcase finished it all off beautifully." He further added "I handled everything from concept and design through to print production and delivery, even press proofing the job as it came off the printer. The "Design and Design" award is a real bonus."

The impressive design was judged and deemed a worthy winner, and appeared on the Design and Design website alongside other International winners. The designs will also be published in the Book of the Year. The books are released in December and are distributed worldwide by Index Book and Eyrolles – they are available to purchase from the

Design and Design is an independent and non-profit on/off-line venture, developed by French-Italian designer Marc Praquin to help talented designers to promote their work on an international basis.


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Jessops Construction Scoops Prestigious Brochure Award, Jessops Construction Ltd
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